Tuesday, March 17, 2009


i feel like a total loser.ok i was being plain lazy to wash my clothes wit hand so i wanted to use the washing machine.to my excitement.i ___ freaking___ dont knoe how to use it.i was squating down and examining the buttons..zzz..gosh..til a point i realy wanted to msg my mum to ask her how to use it.after stoning there for a good 10 minutes...i did the most amazing thing. i googled " how to operate a washing machine" wat the hell !!! arghh i suck til dat point.then instead of showing the right thing they showed me the compartments of each section.wth! okla so i main pull here push there.whack sum soap powder.choose a fav number n thank god it worked i think.haha.suddenly made me realise why do i hav to go to such extent as to learn difficult things padahal the simplest things in life also i cant master.quite farked up.

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