Wednesday, March 25, 2009

life is cherish it

got to noe from valerie bout this shockin news..
the teacher who used to teach me whe i was in std 3 has passed on..
its so sudden..n yes heart attacks r so often right minute ur living ur life to the fullest,the next minute god noes,he wil jz take all of that is cruel at times..maybe its like a warning to us.coz i hav to admit we take our life for granted.we delay things dat r supposed to be done for a long time ago.
i used to remember back then,i was realy notty.i took wet sand dat looks liek shit n put it under his chair.and when he went in the class after recess,he totally freakout n tot it was shit.hell i got scolded.but it felt good.coz he noe i like to kacau him..n how siti nurhaliza song 'betapa ku cinta padamu' was a total hit..i secretly call him using my house phone n let him listen to it.haha having a crush on my teacher at a young agela.aiyo kiddo.and then one day he asked me did u call me at nite..hahah damn it i did not know hp got caller id n also he has like the student record he noe it was my number.malu gile!! good memories last.i remember when i knew he was goin to marry i was quite sad.well good memories no doubt.i seriously did not expect him to return to rahmatullah at this age.hope Allah s.a.w bless his soul n comfort his loved ones.

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