Thursday, December 3, 2009

mabel's homemade chicken steww..weEe
potato crocquette..not sure bout the spelling though..
krispy kreme black chocolate sumthing..nothing special,nothing beats J.Co for me =)
mee sua..fuuuuuu damn on,hate the veggie though.stinks ass
honeymoon redbean dessert..yer damn pricey plus tasteless..fuck & 1 of those 'balls' r like rm1,sucks.
mine was sum mango thingy thingy.damn lover.u go for it man.think it was rm10.fuck can eat 2 bowls at snowflakes =(
big asssss ice kacang at the mamak opposite of kancil tuition..realy damn big.damn hapieeeeee
nom nom nom

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