Friday, March 26, 2010

drink Beer-healthy heart?

tips for a healthy heart.

*Because it keeps you young.

It has been scientifically proven that polyphenols slow down the aging process.

*Because it relaxes you.

Beer contains hop which, among other things, has sedative properties and that is why it is effective in treating stress problems.

*Because it helps you to cleanse your body.

Beer is diuretic due to its high levels of potassium and its low content of sodium. That is, beer helps you to go to the bathroom and thus allows you to eliminate toxins from your body.

*Because beer is not fattening.

Well, beer is fattening but much less than people think. This is because beer is relatively low calorie (45 calories per 100 ml). Besides, it has been proven that people who drink beer in moderation tend to eat less between meals and, specifically, they usually eat less sweet products.

*Because it helps you to boost your immune system.

The consumption of beer in moderation, both men and women, causes a positive effect boosting and improving your immune system.

*Because it helps to prevent some types of cancer.

The polyphenols in beer act as inhibitors of carcinogenic processes. Specifically, beer has the capacity to prevent and fight against the prostate, breast, colon and ovary cancer.

*Because it helps you to digest better and to absorb the nutrients from food.

This is because beer has a lot of soluble fiber.

*Because some beers are a true delicacy because of their delicious taste and desirable aroma.


  1. so many benefits.. but too bad i dont like drinking =P

  2. is it true??
    hehehe.. but im not a drinker...

  3. The fact is true, recent survey also show that beer help the strengthen bones, too bad they didn't mention about the alcohol part that will kill ur liver... haha

    Drinking moderately is not as simple as it sound... that means 2 pint a day. which will end up to around 365 liter per annum.

    Just drink beer as it is, don't use health as a reason to drink beer.