Thursday, March 25, 2010

never mess with the dead.i had my lesson

i've always been a curious n adventourous girl.
til the point im into ghost hunting...

was seeing a horror movie dat day n it reminded me of my schooling days.
i would skip my tuition to go ghost hunting.
the place which i remembered the most was Highland Towers..
the two apartment building collapsed and alot of people were trapped under it..
it was on dat day..the plan was 2 cars were supposed to be headin there.
but last minute the other car got they did not tag along.
my fren n i insisted dat we go by ourselves since we were really lookin forward to it.
the whole journey was pretty it was just after raining n the place was all muddy shit.
when we reached there..we reached for the flash light which we brought earlier.
god damn the light wasnt working.we were freakin like hell..
so decided to use the car's flash light.pity the boys as they were trying to act all 'machoed' up for us.*appreaciate*i swear i wanted to chicken out but then..dat would make me a
so we walked all the way into the area..amazingly enuff there's stil many people stayin nearby.i duno how can they stay there..coz for me its realy damn spooky.i remember seeing my friend closing his eyes wit his hands.the place was pretty much vandalised to the max.candles.sprayings on the wall.i think sum people even did black magic there or sumthing.i heard they even use the place to make love..god u kidding me??as we were trying to go to up using the stairs suddenly my friend said he heard people whispering.n insisted we go! we were like so dissapointed n all but yea..we followed him.

once back in the car,as usual my fren was startin the engine.first time fail.second time fail.omg we were panicking shits okeh.i cant describe the feeling at the moment.part of me wanted to run out of the car n run friends leg was shaking to max.suddenly behind me..i heardd..
(huuuuuuu....huuuuuu) i bet if u see a horror movie u wil know wat i mean.i felt annoyed n wanted to scold my friend for makin dt sound.before i even open my mouth to talk to her.she looked at me.wit her face almost wan to cry.she told me..(it wasnt me!!)
omg all 4 of us in the car panicked like shit.the best part was the sound was jz behind my ears..directly..i swear if i dint hav dinner b4 goin i would hav fainted there.after all the dramas.the car started at fren hit the accelerator to the max n we flew out from the place.the whole journey back every1 was damn quiet..the moment i went home.i took off all my clothes n washed it immediately coz i was afraid the thing would hav followed me home.tho it has happened few years back but the memory of it is stil fresh in my head..


  1. Ok. Spooky. Gave me goosebumps for a split second there. Wait, I'm feeling it again. Dang!

  2. woo...dare enough..luckily nothing bad happened..

  3. wow....that's horrible! at last you all are save^^ i have a true story based on my friend and this happened in Hotel in Swiss.

  4. woo kenzo..wanna read ur story..even i heard somewhere the devil also,once it hate you,it is 10 ten times than us(human) can cause death also

  5. I think you shouldn't mess up with that kind of 'thing' :)
    We never know what's hiding behind 'dark places' like that.

    Anyway, after a few years, do you still have a courage to visit that place once again? :)

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  6. yeah! i agree with u guys! don't mess with the dead! especially this kind of thing...once it spotted you! no way you can go!