Tuesday, March 16, 2010


today was kinda a productive day.
procrastinating whether to go out anot.
aiya wateva lets duit.

went summit.bought a beach top.
mcd fries.

off to taipan food court
had yummy waffle.
peanut butter n chocolate.
damn syok.but kena stain on my white shirt.fml

edward cullen

cool vs crazy

toilet picha.

emo coz got chocolate stain on the pants.hahahah

we had sudden cravings for...

ya i know.si ham.
i remember how me n sis wil always order curry me although we dont wan it.
just coz of the few sihams inside.
the bloody taste.fuu syokness

was snapping this pic.one fuckin old uncle come n stand beside me.
*snap* "wow very nice!''
walks off.....wat de........

then off to KFC coz i was freakin cravin for cheesy wedges.


went home.changed my shorts.
brought my baby for walk
im soo hapie when i see she is soo hapie.
i dunno mayb coz she is a bitch.
so alot of dogs were barkin at her.
she was damn cute.she stick to me damn tight n walk away damn fast.
hahaha.if she is at home..
amboooiii bark at ppl like nobody's business

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