Thursday, April 22, 2010

first day at work! lol

after a long procrastinating perios of time.
im back on my ass again.this time i aint gonna fuck this.
damn u not gonna let things get in my way.

just a brief idea of wat my work is all about.
awesome people.nice environment.
think white.laboratory.cold.quiet,lol

for lunch headed over to Moon Garden with my GM,Manager,and my admin senior Carmen
my god i admit i never been to a vegetarian shop.
but i was totally amazed at the variety of food.
better than nandos or AC big time sial.

see damn semangat i print screen the food.
the environment also super awesome.its liek ur eating in a garden.

nasi kunyit.spicily niceawesome sourness max.n aloe vera as big as a rock sugar.
awesome passion fruit dessert.omg fav this to the max!

nerd mode back on! =)

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