Sunday, April 25, 2010

today was kinda productive.
fetched the sis from usj12 canteen day then off to pyramid fo lunch

think they came up wit new menu.n their set meal r quite awesome

black pepper chicken chop.the sauce would b nicer if it was a lil more spicier..

thumbs up.butter chicken chop.
theres cilipadi in the sauce so it was awesome.
n the taste is exactly like the cheesy butter crab if u guys hav ever eaten b4..

the silly girl
had sum real girls talk,lol oh boy.
it was fun

i must say the best jasmine tea ever.
i duno maybe coz of the

they has this cat dressign up competition.
as much as i hate cats they look damn adorable in their fancy mancy costume.
i remember 1 of the cat's name was 'fasha baby'
fuu how glamourous yoo..

ok im really mature i bought this to paste on my phone.

so gossip girlish hairband rm7 only crazy deal!
im soo into hair band nowadays.

bought this a week 1 free 1 sumore..HAHA

saw this fairlady otw home..drools..
then at night went to watch man u-tot
3-1... -_=

only 3 person but the amount of drinks.. zz

how can i miss this right,haha
double apple,strawberry,bubblegum,mint in a pineapple.

the captain of the ship..


  1. hey the buy one free one hair bands i had the black ribbon one hahahaha

  2. Hairband is the shiz yo! And with your awesome hair lagi nice!