Monday, February 21, 2011

step into my past

one thing dat im not able to control are my emotions.

dats for sure..maybe due to the fact,so many things happen in my life.
im amazed i can stil pull tru until today despite so many shit thing happen to me.
not to forget the awesome 21st birthday.

well this is my blog n i dun give a shit.

this was in JB when i had a fight n whack my fist against the wall

i did this wit a blunt blade.
im not proud of any of the above but emotions n stress was eating me up.til i point my face jz sag like fark n my close ones thought i was on D..

im glad in a way dat things happen.
coz now im stronger then ever..

n worries im good .
just went tru my xanga n so many memories jz came flashing back..

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