Wednesday, March 23, 2011

chinese meets malay

i know for all my life,i had a weird taste in food.if u come ot know me personall.u will guess im weird too.guess i just like being all weird.fuck it.

i nid cili padi n black pepper in my porridge.i will put ice cubes to make sure it is not hot only i will consider eating.same thing goes wit any soupy food.i hate having to blow til its nt hot and all.troublesome.unlike ppl who like to hav their maggi mee liek all along n stuff.mine is normally crushed.same theory on how u eat mammi bash the thing nicely then add hot water n seasoning cili padi n pepper.n then wait til it absorbs or also tend to always finish my rice first before i eat my its not like i din eat rice for 10 years but yea.dats my way of eating..n when i eat burger i will post mortem it.starting eating the top.then the vege or watever,then the patty.then i throw the bottom bun.i duno y.jz so used to it already.oh well i can go hours n hours talking bout all my weirdness.but i guess i will rant it from time to time la.ok thanks.cincau

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