Saturday, March 5, 2011

the story of econsave n me.

so as i have mentioned earlier that theres this guy in fb who claims im the love of his life coz he thought i was the cashier girl from Econsave,wtf.

ok so i guess i wont be seeing him anytime soon i think.

what happened ? no more messages ...
Report · 14:30
since when i ever message u??
[Imtiaz Ahmed]
Report · 14:31
but you too much messages came to me on mobile!
Report · 14:31
sometimes i think ur sick,u nid help?
[Imtiaz Ahmed]
Report · 14:33
that is your think!! what i can do for you more!!!! I'm not interested to disturb any one without of it's interest...!
you will never get any more message from me!!!!
Report · 14:34
wow u mean u think im interested in u so u disturb me?? is it like this?
[Imtiaz Ahmed]
Report · 14:36
I was just missing My loving Malaysia?? that's why I'm trying contact you!!!! b/c I have left something in Malaysia forever!!!!! Lol ... My Love in K.L at Econsave
Report · 14:39
stil wit ur econsave...omg
[Imtiaz Ahmed]
Report · 14:41
ya!!! I'm and I should forever with Econ Save !!
that is not one day or one night Love!!! and Love isn't mean sex!!!!!!!
Sorry!! friend you r nice and Good looking Girl!!! bye I'll never disturb again ...
again bye!!!!

okay bye! i hope this is the end of it coz ur so funny

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