Tuesday, March 10, 2009

crazy fun day

out of the random,i asked her out so yea.we had good talks,
great laughter n crazy moments.
its jz we never xpect wats gonna happen next.
went old town kopitiam.saw alot alot of familiar faces =) we were so bored we became snappin pic n start laughin coz all cannot make it.the workers were lookin at us like crazy plus we had dis crazy hyena laughter.haha.kenot help it la.cant stand the pressure of so many ppl *cheh* so we headed back to the car where we cont our nonsenseheaded back to her micasa to play some game.hahaJutaria..malaysia version of monopoly.damn cute =pdamn hapie i won.dis is her .the loser.fa la la la laden she had us wearing coats n scarfs.tsknasi lemak lady's daughter.after dat damn bored again.went out to the car porch for more camwhoring at 12am! hahaemo pic..n also i dont noe y we always end up wearing the same shirt den we start to laugh.hahamy mind was doing crazy so yea i made us crawl under the car to take a scary snapshot.something like Quarantine..lol.haha not easy to go in wei.fat assa bit like sailormoon ghost.ha ha..then we damn semangat d.so we even climb on top of the mail box n start snapping.lolcoz it was so dark.we use my hp to flash the face.a nice glow.lol
kenot see my long hair if not sure damn cooltook madagascar picha.haha.very much reminds me of King Juliani think i was doin monkeyshe claimed she was a rabbit but it turned out more liek a horny grasshopper.lol.
den we ended our crazy moments coz damn tired d.den she was damn nice to walk me home.n i hate it when the guards lock the fence gate when it was only like 1am.how the hell u xpect those ppl who come home late.so no choice had to climb the fence.me being me.i hav never liked the idea of it.coz first the fence looked damn fragile.n me weighing a tonne is goin to break the fence when baboom straight into the deep drain.ish.i wanted to cry at the spot but kenotla so hav to climb.i manage to climb halfway n my body was shaking liek mad.haha so i kinda emo-fied thr wit one leg over the fence.gosh if ayu took a pic of me confirm can publish in newspaper.damn pathetic.thank god my pants din tore apart or did i fall into the deep drain or else im gonna be in the news the next day.'the girl who died in the drain wit her shorts tore for climbing over fence.'wtf

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