Tuesday, March 10, 2009


seriously im a realy nice person,i think i am la at least.
i care alot for my frens.even shed tears hearing their probs n all.
peeps who dont noe me wil think im snobbish la watsoever.
but like i said.i dun care.coz i dont live my life according to ur will.
but den honey once u step on my toes,i'll make sure i will smash ur feet.
there..nicely put into words.there is a word 'air yang tenang jangan disangka tiada buaya'
so if u think ur curious n u wan to test my waters..
id advise u not to.when i respect u,i wish i can get sum sort of respect from u too.
u wan to mess around wit ppls property,at least use ur brains n think of ur limits.
coz for me ur over the limit.
im not dumb or stupid.when i dont say a word it doesnt mean im a saint.
its jz dat im givin u a chance to come up to me n speak out.
u became more daring n came to mess wit me.
well honey,u got me hard dis time.i tot u talk sum sense into u but no i think it did not do the trick.

*its funny how things appear infront of ur eyes when u dont even wish to see it.
god is great n he has been showin me things.

a picture speaks a thousand words.i think it all makes sense now.
look closely n secrets n untold mysteries wil be revealed.
at least it did in my case.so the next time u plan to take a picture,
becareful coz u dont noe wat shit ur about to get urself into =)

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