Tuesday, March 10, 2009

marley n me =)

yeay so today we watched Marley n Me..i must say i planned to watch dis its bcz of Jennifer Aniston as im like dis huge gugugaga fan of Friends series.oh well,i love this movie.its amazing how a person can change,how a dog actually makes a difference in life.i do noe of sum ppl who purposely get a dog for the sake of teaching their kids bout responsibilities n all but hey jz make sure dun abusela.damn.i was so grateful i did not put on alot of eye make up if not confirm kenot make it.i was bursting in tears.ya bursting.ish..okla i dont think i was the oni 1 to cry ok.gosh i love all dis shows involving dog..its so touching.

*Goodluck to all my frens for their finals.nail it guys..!! xoxo

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