Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Slumdog millionaire

so much for wantin to watch dis show so badly last week dat we rush to mid at 2 to buy the tickets,den oni realise its full,even for the later showtimes.wtf damn stress.but did not giv up at all,went over to One u..line up like crazy again at GSC,den again full even for the later shows..ok dont care went TGV to try luck..wtf they oni show 4 shows for the day! damn sad..din even show Slumdog..damn emo n tired.raining sumore,wanted to go pyramid to try but confirm damn pack also.damn random went n check in Summit.din show also.wat is dis la.end up goin home at 9pm feelin damn emo-fied.after a week of complaining n grumbling of not able to watch the show..we finally did ..yeay!! bought dvd n watched at home.i must say its a nice show n all but im not all dat crazy over it.mayb ya they did expose the culture n lifestyle of india n all but.sigh dunnola.i felt Benjamin button could tapao also =) well glad we finally watched it n got over our curiousity.

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