Tuesday, March 17, 2009

indian food n crazy football

since the Spykerman's are always so dat sporting n cool,
so ur aunt made indian food.
n boy it was so damn awesome possum

my aunt made the fish acar
the fried cili..damn spicy omg
the dhall curry
i think it was spinach.i only noe how to eat. -_-
fish head curry.wit lotsa vegetable.yummy
my fav.mutton curry.must hav in every indian rice.the meat damn tender..melts*
then got commercial break.coz we had roast chicken.lol.versatilee
fried chicken wings..munch n munch away
the bestest was rassam aiyo i simply spell i dunola.but damn nice..love the spices!!

then we had indian dessert too.indian candy.so mily n sweet.damn sinful to hav dis but wtheck once in a while..approve.n dis small piece actually cost rm1.seriously damn pricey.then then we were watching MU vs Liverpool n boy it was damn fun especially when ur wit family.the though of my aunt screaming when MU cmi cmi was damn priceless.dis cousin of mine.he went nuts after MU lost.nerd rules the world =p
had an awesome time.no doubt..

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