Tuesday, March 17, 2009

steamboat boat

last sunday was a pretty laid back day.i love love =p

watching youtube videos.drooling over boybands from the past years.
running in the rain.discover a new online 'amusement' park nearby.LOL

went to Selayang hospital in the evening to visit somebody..then off we went for steamboat dinner at this place near Pudu if i was not mistaken.first things first..i was amazed at the place.how royalty it looked.

I DONT KNOW WHY I DIN TAKE PIC OF THE DYNASTY PLACE!! DAMN NICE WAN.GOT GONG AND ALL.WHY MABEL WHY!! guess i was to glued up to the foodla for sure. *failure*
if u can read the chinese word then good for u la.
the chair n environment gives u a very comfy feeling.wit the super overempowering smell.its almost heaven.im not being dramatic ok...!
the pork rice wit was very nice.baby had 3 bowls of it.lucky him!
the herbal n the spicy version.it was realy nice as the longer u brew the soup the spicier it gets.so syook.plus u wont get thirsty after u drink the soup coz they din put any msg,but 63 herbs n spices.i even bite the spices to taste it.realy damn nice.plus they serve their drink.we thought it was tea but it wasnt.it was sum kind of herbal thingy whereby when u drink there's on taste but once it gets to ur throat u get dat golden-ish feeling.chinese saying 'kam kam tei' hahah.the boss promoted her tea to be damn beneficial dat we keep on drink for rounds n rounds.can i say i choose dis better than tomyam coz it is!!
n b4 heading back,his small notty cousin gav this place a souvenior
arnold teo wit a cockroach face.hahah damn cute.geram betul!! thanks Andy kor kor for the super nice food. =) =)

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