Wednesday, May 13, 2009

dat day went and hunt presents for my bro n mum..mother's day ma.
went wit yuyu.after dat we went n makan at ss13.near the fuckin useless Milennium Park.

damn excited coz we saw on the menu the juice was RM2!! damn cheap.end up kena con.they buy the juice must add water wan and the taste i tell u .....grrr...regret.

haha ok this wan is tongkeng.look like yummy strawberry's? think again.think ayu was disgusted seeing me eating!
telur dadar rm1 oni.bigger than the size of my palm.kinda worth it.
tomyam.must complain.last time was nicer ok!
dis wannnnnnnnnn i wan to cry.damn not nice.the kuey tiao memang wan to kena tiao.cook til all one ketul.then got hangus taik smell.fuck this.regret 2

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