Wednesday, May 13, 2009

mother's day

so yea i bought a phone for my mum since it was my first salary.haha u think alot is it.RM1k oni la woi.
ok very funny story..i told my sis woi wan to go my frens house anot.we go see her cat,,baru lahir oni.(actually wan to go buy presentla) my sis stupidly damn xcited say ya drove to Carrefour n the dungu stil asking me eh ur frens house here la.i say woi dummy go buy presentla.when she noe wat was it.she saw woow so good.coz my dis sis eye-ing for a phone damn long d.but too not a millionaire.tot if getting the

coz i liked the fact they had it in purple n damn thin ok.can put INSIDE BRA!!
but coz the phone edi pups n the memory sucks.both of us choose this! think it was wayy better though
it was in a pretty i went home damn hard.i run inside toilet.kidnap the wrapping paper from the room n wrap inside the toilet while i left the tap running damn loud.*smart girl* luckily the phone no smell.went n celebrated at a restaurant in Kelana Jaya.the place damn crazy i tell u.famour for their crabs.from one shoplot now expand to 4.the last time we went there was few years back.the crowd stil dat crazy.their claypot butter crab damn i brought the present to the restaurant coz more feel home like damn not shock.she was damn confident it was make up n etc.end up she cried and asked me where i got the money.considering my salary realy shit n sis also teary see her expression was priceless im left wit rm15 til next at office.

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  1. Lol, still remembered when I bought my american cocker spaniel for my almost wanna screw me for late payment of my car