Wednesday, November 25, 2009

back back back

aisehhh man

its been like super long since i last blogged

want to say im busy..not really.not dat im working..ppfft..

just completed my 18 days work at Monash as ingivilator.
must say it was an easy job n real good money.

the fun part was i got to see ppl panicking throughout the whole exam period*evil grins*
one thing i need to brag about.

the food in the cafeteria was so so but the stall run by sum ex student was awesome.the portion.the mee goreng.the butter chicken,the spicy potaotes.gosh..yummness

i had a great breakfast.yea i know blame the tv.
burned kaya n that shit black burned peanut butter.

had a full body n blood test the other day
hope everythings ok.
speaking of bloood

NEW MOON is out tomorrow.
yes im goin early to buy the tickets.
uhh uhh laa laa

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