Wednesday, May 13, 2009


so i was kinda lucky.maybe birthday ong or sumthing.
i kinda got an interview on my birthday.
i swear i hesitated liek fuck whether or not to go.
but sumthing jz told me to go for yes i did.
sumwhere in ss15 as admin.
i went there...mak ai.damn alot ppl wei.
but after all that waiting,it kinda paid off.
guess it was kinda cool considering the boss is damn sporting plus the ppl there damn nice.
so yea the boss told me he wil let me noe by the end of the week.
i was llike fuckla so long meh.end up the next day he call me d n told me to come work.
i was like damn sadla no time to final enjoy myself.suddeni he call n told me to come the day after.
omg i was damn hapie like yeayyy la.
story hapie i did not procrastinate any longer=)
working in ss15 like damn nice.wat u wan also got.scared no money

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