Wednesday, May 13, 2009

my bird day

ya i noe like damn long d..but then i was busy so its excusable.hem.
the girl who celebrated my bday wit me at the it.
she made for me my fav chocolate cake.damn terharu.n i did not noe she was rushin to do u !!
stil very hapie as i wasnt aware of wats gonna happen the next day..
ok so i had a very interesting frens wil noe wat i mean.
no point saying it here.jz gonna ruin everything.
lets jz say i wish i did not hav to go through april 14.
lets go to happier moments.
celebrated wit the college loves at was awesome
jamie was there too =)
loving it
then on sunday..went to Putrajaya wit my secondry loves
we had picnic yoo.

super tiring n hot day but the company was priceless =) love u muchhh

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